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June 18, 2011

Ordering a package in this shopping cart program is fairly straight forward. You just need to make sure you can spot the visual clues that the cart shows. Ordering photos is different than going to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and buying a book or some music. People love options, but with options comes a bit of complexity. Hopefully this tutorial will remove that complexity.

This page is actually quite long, but it’s mostly taken up by pictures.

Step 1. This one is really easy…you’ll need to connect to the shopping cart and log in. Let’s suppose we’re going to be shopping for wedding photos. You’ll see that I have an access controlled wedding gallery, and let’s presume that you already know the access code.

Step 2. Once you’re logged in, click into the “Access code” box and type in your access code.

Optional Step 3. You can also click on the gallery, which brings up this screen:

Step 4. Use the navigation links to move through the gallery until you find that perfect shot you’ve just got to order:

Step 5. Once you find that image and have clicked on it, you’ll see an enlarged version of the photo with the buying options to the right. In this case, we’re going to order a “Memories Package” of this very much in love couple on their wedding day. Simply click the package you want to order:

Step 6. Once you click the package you want to order, the shopping carts shows you a screen like this. This shows the items that are included in the package and gives you an opportunity to either add it to your cart, or to close the item. Since we want to order this photo, click “Add to Cart”

Step 7. The cart will then confirm that the Memories package has been added to your cart. It also gives you a very important message about a button above the image you’re viewing. You will have to click the “Continue” button to continue shopping.

It’s important to note that the package is in your cart at this point. BUT there are no photos yet associated with the package. You’ll have to tell it what photos you want for each size that the package offers.

Step 8. Here is where the cart shows the important message. You’ll have to click this message to tell the cart “Yes, I want to put this image into the package I just ordered.”

Step 9. Here’s where it gets fun. Now that you’ve added the package to your cart, you can now assign which photo you want to each size. Since we really like this photo of the happy couple, we want use this image to order the large photo in the package. Since this package offers an 11×14, let’s click that to tell the cart “I want to use this photo for the 11×14.”

Step 10. Remember what I said earlier about options? Here’s a chance to specify options for the 11×14 large print in the package. In this case, we’re not going to specify any options, so just click “Add to Package” to continue

Step 11. Where I have the “a”, you can see that the cart associated the photo of the happy couple with the 11×14. If you look hard, you can see the message “1 of 1 Selected” between the red boxes. Now let’s order some different sizes of this same photo. Let’s take care of a couple of 8×10’s now, so look at “b” and click the “8×10” option (you’ll notice that it says “0 of 3 Selected” to the right).

Step 12. Like with the 11×14, you can specify options if you want. In this case, I’m not going to, but I am going to hone in on that “Select quantity to add” option…

Step 13. Click the little down-pointy arrow to see the different 8×10 quantities you can order for this package. Remember where it said “0 of 3 Selected” before getting to this? The cart knows that no 8×10’s have been selected yet. I’m going to click the drop down and select 2 8×10’s for this package.

Step 14. Back to the package summary display. You’ll notice that it now says “2 of 3 Selected” on the line that shows the 8×10 portraits.

Step 15. If you don’t see your photos in the display, simply scroll the package summary and you’ll see our two 8×10’s

Step 16. For this step, I went back to the thumbnails and searched around and found another photo of the happy couple, about to kiss for the first time (seriously, this was the very first time this couple had ever kissed). Since this is a very touching photo, let’s order an 8×10 of this to fill out the package. Click the message above the photo to go to the package summary

Step 17. Here we see that it remembered the two 8×10’s we’d already selected, and that we can add one more to the package. Click on the “8×10” option to assign this photo to this package.

Step 18. Almost done, I promise. Here we can see the options. If you click the drop down for the quantity, it only shows that you can add one to the cart. After specifying any options, click the “Add to Package” button to add this photo to the package.

Step 19. Here we can see that the image was added to the package, and that all 11×14 and 8×10 slots are taken. The cart will show you a summary of all the photos in the package.

Step 20. Like last time, if you don’t see all your images in the little summary screen, just scroll…

Step 21. Using these procedures, simply find the other photos that you want and assign them to your package. If you want to order more images than what the package offers, this is what the “Standard Prints” section is for.

The cart also gives you the ability to remove photos from the package at any time by simply clicking the little trash can icon on the lower right side of the photo in the package summary screen.

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