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Bell family photos

November 19, 2011

Alice contacted me the other day to arrange for a family photo session out in the wilds in Murrieta. The day we met for the shoot, it was windy and you could definitely tell that fall was in the air as it was quite chilly. They also brought along their black Lab named Bailey. All in all, it was a fun photo session with four generations.

Bell family with four generations Grandma and grand children


Four generations! Great grandmother with great grandchildren. And the kids really were great!  :-)


Bruce & Alice Bruce & Alice & Bailey


And let’s end with just shot of just Bailey!


Welsh & Kinnaman family photos

December 23, 2009

So I get an email from Kaite the other day asking about a surprise photo session for her mother. What a neat idea, and a great Christmas surprise! We had originally thought about doing this shoot in Old Town Temecula, but with all the holiday decorations, we decided that studio shots would probably be better. We met the other evening, and here’s the results. Katie’s father is a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserve, her brother just received his officer’s commission in the Marine Corps, and is a Second Lieutenant. Her husband is a Petty Officer Third Class in the Navy (soon to be promoted to 2nd class!). It was a privilege and an honor to photograph a family that’s given such a commitment of service to our country.

On to the photos:

Ryan, 2nd. Lt, USMC

Portrait taken in Temecula of US Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenant

Here’s everyone in uniform
Portrait Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy

Portrait Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy

Portrait Navy, Air Force

Now for some more casual photos:

Family portraits

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