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Brooke and Daniel were married June 4th at the Stone House at the Temecula Creek Inn. The day before the wedding there was a huge thunderstorm in the area…lightning, wind, hail and rain. Alyssa, my daughter and 2nd shooter, and I went to scope out the area the day before, and it was certainly interesting trying to find cover under the huge oak trees they have there while lightning was flashing and thunder rolling across the valley.

Fortunately, weather the day of Brooke’s wedding was perfect!  It was a small and intimate wedding in a beautiful setting on green grass under sprawling oak trees.  One of the cutest things that I found during the wedding was the look of wonderment on the bride’s little brother’s face during the first kiss…absolutely amazing!

Here’s a quick video of some of the photos…

Anyway…on to the pictures…

Getting ready…
Brooke getting ready for her wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn

Photo of the wedding ring on a Bible


Photo of the ring bearer and flower girl at Brooke & Daniel's wedding at the Stone House

Photo of Brooke with her father walking down the aisle at her wedding

Photo of Brooke at her wedding in Temecula

Photo of Daniel at his wedding in Temecula

Notice her little brother’s expression…priceless!
Photo of the happy couple kissing at their Temecula wedding

Some other shots

Wedding photo taken next to the Stone House at Temecula Creek Inn
Closeup photo of Brooke & Daniel's wedding rings
Daniel at his wedding in Temecula with his father in the background
Brooke, Daniel and Amanda in front of an oak tree at their wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn
Wedding photo of Daniel, his father and his father-in-law under a large oak tree at the Temecula Creek Inn
Brooke's bouquet taken in front of an oak tree at her wedding in Temecula
Photo of Brooke and Daniel at their wedding at the Temecula Creek Inn

New proofing system!

June 19, 2009

So I’d been using a piece of cart / proofing software called EZ Photo Sales.  It did what it was supposed to do…be an easy to configure and provide clients with the ability to view their proofs in password protected galleries.

The trouble is that a couple of months ago, the developers decided that there were better directions to go, and EZPS became AbandonWare.  Yes, it got left out to dry…can’t you just hear the violins playing something in a minor chord?  There was also supposed to be an newer-faster-better cart coming out with all sorts of bells and whistles…but, alas, it was not to be.  <insert more minor-chord violin music>

So, off I went, evaluating proofing systems.  I decided to go with a very “feature rich” one called PhotoCart.  It’s got waaay more features than EZPS ever did…I can actually issue print credits, offer coupons, have discounts for early ordering, lots of goodies.  And it’s possible to actually specify options for your photos…like if you want a certain texture, lustre finish, or a particular mounting option.

If you had a gallery under the old system, and you don’t see it listed, either leave me a comment, or shoot me an email and I’ll get it moved over to the new system.

Why Terebinth Tree?

June 19, 2009

This post was originally hosted on my Blogger blog and was without a doubt the most popular post. A day doesn’t go by without someone somewhere in the world who’s looking for information on terebinth trees viewing this post…regardless of which search engine they’re using.

I get asked from time to time “What is a terebinth tree?”  Or “Why Terebinth Tree?”  Or even “What is a ter…, how do you say it?”

So I thought I’d finally answer that…

I was reading about Abraham in Genesis and came to the passage where he removed his tent, then came and dwelt in the plain of Mamre (Genesis 13:18).  To dwell in a tent, one must put down stakes, or something to keep the tent in one place. I doubt this was a little two or three person tent like what you’d take camping. This would be more of a larger tent in which his family could live. Setting it up or taking it down would be a matter of hours, and would take some planning.

In looking up the word “plain,” it can mean a large open space like a field.  It can also mean a wooded area.  My Bible has footnotes in it, and these footnotes indicated that there were terebinth trees in that plain, or a large grove of oak trees.

It seems to me that pitching ones tent near a wooded place would be an excellent idea.  Not only do you have a ready supply of firewood, you could fix things in such a way that your house can be kept cool by the shade of the trees.  And where there are trees, there’s got to be water nearby, too.  It would be a good place to “put down roots.”

According to this Wikipedia article, the terebinth tree is a small tree or a large shrub.  This article in the Jewish Encyclopediasays that the terebinth is similar to an oak in that both can be “large, strong trees.”  Oak trees are very hardy trees, and their roots go down deep.  They can survive for a very long time, too.  The Santa Rosa Plateau, which is close to where I live, is dotted with many oak trees that are hundreds of years old.

In our own lives, we seek for a good place to put down our roots.  Like an oak tree, the roots of our lives go down deep.  The feelings that we have for our children and families also go down deep.  Are not genealogies also called “Family Trees?”

There are those special days in our lives that, like the roots of an oak tree, also go down deep, where strong commitments are forged. I’m thinking specifically of the day when a couple commits themselves to each other before the Lord, “till death do us part.” Days such as this are filled with emotion, meaning and purpose. The memories and events from such a day need to be captured to be remembered and cherished.

So, this should give you an idea of what a terebinth tree is, and why I choose that name for a venture where I have a goal to capture memories that last a lifetime.

New Blog

June 18, 2009

It’s time for a new blog, one that’s hosted on my own website and not on Blogspot.  Blogspot has been fine, but I’ve always wanted something where I can post larger images for my clients.  I think this blog ought to do.

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